Fix-Up Incentives Program


Spence Neighbourhood Association

2022 intake is Open.

Deadline:  Friday, July 8 at 4:00 PM.

The Exterior Housing Fix-Up Incentives (EHFI) program provides financial assistance to fix up the exterior of your home or rental property, located in the Spence neighbourhood.

Please read this page in full and read the online application form in full before completing an application. Please note that the approval of applications is contingent on availability of funding.

Who is eligible?

  • Owner-occupied homes in the Spence neighbourhood.
  • Residential rental properties located in the Spence neighbourhood.
  • Properties in the Spence neighbourhood that have not received an incentive from SNA within the last three years.

Don’t live in Spence?

Fix-up programs are available in the following neighbourhoods:

What types of projects are eligible?

  • Projects must address the exterior of the house or rental building.
  • Typical projects include: roofs, siding, stucco, exterior painting, exterior windows and doors, fences, walkways, porches, steps, fire escapes, ramps, security lighting.
  • Other projects not listed here may be considered, but must address the exterior of the house or rental building.
  • Examples of projects that are not eligible include: landscaping, decks, garages, sheds, outbuildings, parking pads, driveways, interior projects, demolition, foundation work, structural work, plumbing, electrical, heating, etc.

Homeowner Incentive levels available:

CURB APPEAL PROJECT – For projects that cost $0 – $1,199.99

SNA pays a variable amount up to $800

Homeowner contributes at least 5% of the project cost


SMALL HOMEOWNER PROJECT – For projects that cost $1,200 – $1,799.99

SNA pays $1,000

Homeowner contributes at least $200


MEDIUM HOMEOWNER PROJECT – For projects that cost $1,800 – $4,999.99

SNA pays $1,500

Homeowner contributes at least $300


LARGE HOMEOWNER PROJECT – For projects that cost $5,000 or more

SNA pays $2,500

Homeowner contributes at least $2,500

Where do I start?

Step 1.

All applicants must check the eligibility of their property before applying for an incentive. Please send the following information to the SNA Housing Coordinator at:

Phone number
Address of the property you want to apply for
Type of project you are interested in doing (see the list above for examples of eligible projects)

Step 2.

The application submission process has two main steps:

Submission of the application form

We are using an online application form this year. See application links below, if we are accepting.​​

An application form can also be picked up from 430 Langside (Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre), Monday to Friday, 10 am – 3 pm.

Homeowner application: Home Owners Application

Rental Property application:  Rental Property Application

Submission of your supporting documents

Supporting documents include quotes/estimates from contractors, “before” photos of your project, proof of income, etc.
Submission of your supporting documents will be done separately by email.

Please do not submit an application without collecting all of your supporting documents first, and submitting them by email. Applications received without supporting documents will not be considered.

Please read the online application form in full (see links above). There is additional information that will help you understand the application’s requirements. You must be prepared to answer every question in full and submit every required document in one sitting.

Step 3.

Collect at least two (2) quotes/estimates

  • Quotes/estimates must be from professional contractors. For more information on getting quotes, and choosing a contractor, please review the application form.
  • If you are doing the work yourself, collect quotes/estimates from at least two different hardware stores. Quotes/estimates can include the cost of materials and equipment rentals. You cannot claim the cost of labour if you are doing the work yourself, or if any friends or family members are helping you.

Step 4.

Take several “before” photos of your project.

  • This could be the part of your house that needs to be improved, or the area of your yard where a fence will be built, etc.
  • If this is a window or door project, please take photos from both the outside and inside.

Step 5.

Proof of Income documents (homeowners only)

All homeowners in Spence are welcome to apply for an incentive, however, qualifying as low income will improve your chances of getting an incentive, as SNA gives priority to lower income families.

Please review the homeowner application form for more information on how to qualify as low income. You will need to submit tax information to the SNA Housing Coordinator.

Step 6.

Rooming Houses: If you are applying to improve a rooming house, you must submit a copy of an up-to-date rooming house license.

Step 7.

Document Submission & Completion of Application

Before submitting your online application form, ensure you have collected the following documents, and scanned or taken photos of them (scanning is preferred):

  • Two quotes/estimates from professional contractors or hardware stores
  • “Before” photos of your project
  • Proof of income documents (if applicable)
  • Rooming house license (if applicable)

Email your documents and photos to Include your full name, address, and phone number in your email.

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