Minimum Home Repair Program (MHRP)

City of Winnipeg

The MHRP is an emergency repair program for homeowners in the Spence neighbourhood (and in other Housing Improvement Zones), intended for situations in which you would have to vacate your home due to a catastrophic repair issue.

Amount: Up to $3,000

Eligible neighbourhoods:

  • Spence
  • William Whyte
  • North Point Douglas
  • Centennial
  • West Broadway

Contact: SNA Housing Coordinator: 204-783-5000 Ext. 105 or

City of Winnipeg: Call 311 or email

Restrictions: Can only be accessed once in the life of the home. Must be an emergency situation that would result in having to vacate your home. Not available to those with home insurance, and is not a replacement for home insurance. Only available to homeowners in designated Housing Improvement Zones. Access to the program is not guaranteed. More restrictions may apply. Contact the City of Winnipeg for details.

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