Giveaway Friday – West End Residents Only

If you are a West End resident join us every Friday for Giveaways!

Every Friday (other than holidays) starting at 10 am we have food and other items to give to the community at Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre (MERC) – 430 Langside Street.

It is first come, first serve and lasts until the items are all gone.

Bring your own bag to fill up with items and only one dessert may be taken in order to make sure more people can take some yummy goodness home with them.

Reminder that SNA is a respectful space. We ask you to be kind and courteous to staff and other community members.

FAQ Answers

  1.  We are unable to provide drop off services for those people who wish us to make up a bag to bring to them.
  2. We do not make up bags for individuals to be picked up later.
  3. Items available change week per week so we cannot provide a list of items that will be there.
  4. There is no guarantee that a specific item will be there when you arrive.
  5. Items go quickly so it is best to arrive closer to 10 am for more selections.
  6. Once everything is gone, it will be posted in the comments on SNA’s FB page.


Community Work is Heart Work!