Food Resilience: A Low Income Goulash

When the Community Research Hub agreed to research and prepare a report on food, the first question we had to determine was what would the report be about?

Through a lengthy collaborative and cooperative approach described in the pages that follow, we decided we were uniquely equipped, by the very fact of our membership, to research the realities of food for people with low incomes.

The methodology section of this report describes how we decided a narrative approach was our best approach to doing this.

Because we are people on low incomes ourselves, we decided we could reach out through our own natural networks of people to find people who would be willing to talk about the realities they face.

Because we were trusted by these people, we felt they would be honest in telling their stories.

In return, we felt it was important to respect and honour their stories and their struggles by honestly reporting their details, not just conducting a survey and consolidating the results.

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Food Resilience: A Low Income Goulash

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