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Programming postponed due to restrictions.

Community Connecting

Members of the Spence Neighbourhood Community Connecting Committee envision a community where people know each other, and where they can participate in work, recreation, and cultural activities without fear of exposure to negative consequences.

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No Scheduled Programs

Holistic Housing

Housing at SNA uses the housing first model and approaches the housing challenges with a holistic lens.

Repairs & Maintenance to garden spaces - No workshops due to restrictions

Environment and Open Spaces

We envision that the residents of the Spence Neighbourhood will look upon their environment with pride.

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Due to COVID, programming postponed until further notice

55+ Social Club

Learn about our free light lunch and coffee/tea, and conversation and fun every other Monday afternoon, plus the Kitchen Circle.

Modified Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Community Greenhouse

There is an exciting new all-season greenhouse being built at 689 Maryland! Construction has already begun.  

Check back every week for a new recipe!

ANA’s Kitchen Corner

Check this page for a new delicious recipe each week!

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Modified Programming Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Community Wellness Program

The Community Wellness Program is part of SNA’s Community Sport Program with the focus of taking a more holistic approach to physical health.

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Modified Programming Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Youth Employment Opportunities

Our Youth Employment programs are based on the belief that the better prepared for employment you are, the more successful you will be!

Modified Programming Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

First Jobs 4 Youth Program – Youth Employment Opportunities

​First Jobs 4 Youth (FJ4Y) offers part-time employment/training opportunities for local Youth every summer within SNA’s programming.

Online Programming

Stay In The Game: Keep Job Searching!

It is important to keep up the search! How do you do that?

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Program is postponed due to restrictions.

Kitchen Circle

Kitchen Circle runs once a month and invites Spence Neighbourhood community members to gather, learn a healthy and affordable recipe, cook, and share food and conversation around a table together.

Monday to Friday 10 am - 3:00 pm

Mail Pick-Up

Mail Pickup, Monday to Friday.

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No Scheduled Programs

Community Safety Charter

Read and sign our Spence Neighbourhood Community Safety Charter.

Our Place Safe Space Poster

Fridays from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Our Place Safe Space

Our Place Safe Space offers harm reduction supplies, harm reduction services and fun for those who identify as sex trade workers, experiential folks, victims/survivors of sexual exploitation or victims/survivors of human trafficking.

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Repairs & Maintenance to garden spaces - No workshops due to restrictions

Community Green Spaces and Gardening

We have plenty of green spaces and gardens!

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No Scheduled Programming

Environment and Open Spaces History

Spence Neighbourhood residents have spent countless hours unearthing some of the unwritten history of this area. Come take a look!

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Modified Programming Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Community Sports Program

The SNA Sports Program provides youth in Spence neighbourhood with access to barrier-free, organized sports, including online workouts.

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Modified Programming Due to Restrictions

Newcomer Youth/Youth Drop In Program

If you are a youth aged 12 – 18 years, this drop in is for you! All youth are welcome and there are supports for newcomer youth and their families!

Mon-Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM

Youth Crew Program – Youth Employment Opportunities

Our Youth Crew program offers occasional odd jobs/training opportunities for local Youth, ages 11-16.

Please contact Aaron for scheduling!

First Jobs 4 Youth – Resume Development

Join us at our Community Committee Meeting to get involved.

Homelessness Outreach Mentor

The Homeless Outreach Program moves individuals from homelessness to housed by meeting people where they are at, and assisting in all the steps towards securing housing.

By Appointment Only

Rental Safety

Renting and have questions? Contact Vanessa to get the answers!

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Modified Programming - Open nightly 11:00 pm - 7:00 am

West End 24 Hour Safe Space

Need a place to get away? We welcome youth ages 13-26 to rest, relax, access food, resources, and basic needs, in a supportive, kind, and warm environment.

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Programming modified due to restrictions.

Futsal (Soccer)

Futsal is a type of soccer that was developed in South America.

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Modified Programming Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Building Belonging

Are you or someone you know between 6-12 years old? Live in the Spence area? Want to have fun, meet friends and get to know your community? Join Building Belonging!

Why These Programs?

All Spence Neighbourhood Programs are based and developed focusing on the goals identified by the Spence neighbourhood community in our 5-Year Plan.

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Community Work is Heart Work!