Newcomer Youth/Youth Drop In Program

Contact Information:

Apid Gurung, Youth & Family Program Co-Manager

Kyler  Harper, Youth & Family Program Co-Manager

Muhumed Sirage, Newcomer Youth/Youth Drop-In Program Coordinator

Aweng Maciek, Newcomer Youth/Youth Drop-In Program Assistant

Facebook: Spence Merc


SNA Newcomer Youth/Youth Drop In Program is open to anyone ages 12-18.  New youth are welcome anytime!  The Newcomer Youth/Youth Drop In Program runs out of the Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre (MERC) located at 430 Langside Street – Monday to Friday, 6:30 pm-9 pm.  A full healthy meal is served every evening and a safe ride home or bus tickets are provided at the end of every night.  Structured activities are planned every evening and youth have the option of coming and just hanging out with staff, being creative with crafts, or using the gym. Summer outings including going to the beaches, sports games, movies, skating, bowling, roller skating, and many more!  All of these activities are free to registered youth.

Supports for Newcomer Youth:

The Newcomer Youth/Youth Drop In Program at Spence Neighbourhood Association was put together due to a need to connect the growing number of newcomers that are settling in the West Central community to educational, recreational, and cultural resources. The program runs 5 days a week from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm for children 12 to 18 years of age.

Our goal is to support newcomer youth and families in connecting them to resources that will fulfill their needs and support the settlement process. The program also aims to extend support and mentorship to the larger community which includes other newcomer serving agencies.

The Newcomer Youth/Youth Drop in Program networks with other newcomer serving agencies to provide services for newcomer youth and their families such as:
NEEDS Inc., IRCOM, City Church, NISW, NOWAN, Klinic, New Journey Housing, local schools, Global Welcome Centre, Welcome Place, the Aurora Family Centre, SERC and West End Women’s Center.

Educational / Mentorship Programming:

  • Youth basketball mentorship program
  • Youth DJ mentorship program
  • Youth radio and podcast mentorship program
  • Mental health, health & sexuality, and creating a safe place workshops etc.
  • Arts and music workshop
  • First Jobs for Youth & Junior Staff (employment opportunities)
  • Homework support

Recreational Programming:

  • Free play Basketball at the gym (MERC)
  • Free swimming at the Kinsmen Sherbrook Pool
  • Skill & sport development programming facilitated by professional coaches
  • Outings during summer (swimming at the beach, movies, amusement parks etc)
  • Sporting events such as Sea bears, Jets, Bomber, Gold eyes games

Cultural Programming:

  • Cultural outing such as Folklorama, Fringe festivals, Festival du voyageur, Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, African Dance Night and Aboriginal Concerts
  • African Drumming, Cultural Cooking workshops
  • Indigenous drum making workshops, Ribbon skirt making workshops, Sweat sessions
  • Joint Programming with Newcomer Agencies

To register:  Registration Form  

Or pick up registration form from 430 Langside Street (Magus Eliason Recreation Centre).

Youth Ribbon Skirt Making Workshop

Youth Ribbon Skirt Making Workshop is facilitated by Cheryl Star. Please connect with our Program coordinators for further schedules & information.

Youth DJ Workshop

We wrapped up our Youth DJ workshop on the end of June with a two great shows at Sakihiwi Festival. Please connect with our Program coordinators for further schedules & information.

Board games

Have fun playing Board games with our volunteers from University of Manitoba.


2K !!!

Nothing is better than beating your friends on 2K!!! Come down to MERC to play X Box (2K, UFC, FIFA, Counter Strike) with your friends. Studies have shown that playing video games regularly increases brain connectivity and boost cognitive functioning.


Youth mental health & wellbeing workshop

During the summer, Newcomer Youth Mental Health workshop was coordinated at the MERC in partnership with University of Manitoba. The purpose of the workshop is to build awareness and understanding of the mental health and well-being in the newcomer youths by co-designing products using art-based approaches that document and showcase lived experience. The workshop was for the youths who were born in Ethiopia & Eritrea and age between 10 – 29 years old. The youth participants were asked to talk about their immigration experiences, challenges they faced, mental health, and create artwork to represent their experiences.


End of Summer

Wow!!! We had an amazing summer programming this year. Our summer programming was full of outings to amusement parks, movie theatres, forks, ice cream parlour or just to have a bite at McDonald’s. We also hosted three mental health workshops with youths. We brought back X-Box gaming and it was immediately one of the favourite activities of youths. Our radio & podcast program will also host its last episode on September 5. We are very thankful for all the participants, partners, funders & community members who helped us making the program huge success. Up next, our school year (after-school)  youth program goes live from September 5.

Youth Archery workshop

Youth Archery workshop was held on October in partnership with Sports Manitoba. Youths were guided on how to master the art of archery.


WMBA SNA 16 – 18 

Our youth basketball team will be participating in the upcoming 2023 WMBA Fall/Winter season. Team rooster, schedules & arena will be disclosed in the near future. Looking forward to reclaim our CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!


Youth radio & podcast program

Youth Radio & Podcast program “Check – In” was a 3 month pilot program at CKUW FM 95.9 where guest speakers were invited to the show (who are either Program Manager or Executive Director of different youth serving organizations) to discuss the programs and services they offer to the youths. The show aired every Tuesdays, 5pm at CKUW 95.9 FM from July 18 – September 5. The show will also be uploaded in the SNA TV Youtube channel as well as aired on Shaw Spotlight Channel.

Listen online:

Youtube Channel:


Youth DJ workshop

Youth DJ workshop and mentorship program 2023 was facilitated by DJ Brace (World DMC Champion). Youths were provided with the opportunity to practice DJing skills on the professional industry standard equipments (Rane 72 + Rane 12MK2).


Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre (MERC) – 430 Langside Street – Winnipeg, Manitoba – R3B 2T5

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