Indigenous Input in Local Housing – Resources & Toolkits

Winnipeg is located within Treaty No. 1 Territory, the traditional lands of the Anishinabe (Ojibway), Ininew (Cree), Oji-Cree, Dene, and Dakota, and is the Birthplace of the Métis Nation and the Heart of the Métis Nation Homeland.

                        Landlord Toolkit

What is this Toolkit about?

This toolkit was developed to address issues encountered by many Indigenous renters within Winnipeg’s city limits. It aims to address and assist Canada’s largest urban Indigenous population by addressing the different needs and issues that affect their ability to attain affordable and safe housing. It provides a historical perspective of Indigenous people regarding the relationship that has evolved since first contact with colonial settlers.

This toolkit highlights the history of Indigenous people and the stereotypes and viewpoints of some landlords when renting to Indigenous people.  The toolkit also provides detailed information regarding Indigenous people and what to expect regarding traditional practices that Indigenous people have been practicing for thousands of years.

To view toolkit:  Indigenous Renters Landlord Toolkit


  Indigenous Policies and Procedures Toolkit

What is this Toolkit about?

This living document serves as a guide for businesses and organizations seeking to incorporate Reconciliation into their policies and procedures, which currently lack specific provisions addressing the inherent rights of Indigenous people in Canada. Its purpose is to educate on Indigenous people’s inherent rights, customs, and traditions by embodying the spirit and intent of the Treaties signed throughout the nation.

In developing this document, the organization, business, or agency adopting these practices must acknowledge the historical impact of colonization on Indigenous people during the formation of Canada. The colonial processes imposed upon Indigenous peoples across the country have shaped an employment landscape that diverges from mainstream society. This landscape has failed to consider the enduring effects of intergenerational trauma experienced by many Indigenous people throughout Canada.

To view toolkit:  Indigenous Policies and Procedures Toolkit

Moving to the City: Housing Resources & Services in Winnipeg

Designed with Indigenous Peoples transitioning to Winnipeg in mind, this site highlights housing resources & services located in Winnipeg.

This Story map details how to use the app/understand the map and provides some additional information for newcomers to Winnipeg: Moving to the City


SNA – Housing Resources and Services in Winnipeg

This map is intended to help users locate the various organizations, charities, and businesses that provide housing services and resources within the city of Winnipeg. The housing services and resources included within this map are divided into three categories: Rental Housing, Housing Help & Resources, and Shelter & Housing Programs.

Housing Resources and Services Web App:  Housing Resources and Services App




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