Holistic Housing

Contact Information:

Benjamin Simcoe, Housing Coordinator
Phone: 204 783 5000 ext 105
Email: ben@spenceneighbourhood.org

Jasmine Brine, Homelessness Outreach Mentor
Phone: 204 999-4485
Email: row@spenceneighbourhood.org

Vanessa Wiedeman, Rental Safety Coordinator
Phone: 204-998-5993
Email: rentalsafety@spenceneighbourhood.org




The SNA housing office is closed to the public until further notice.

If you are an existing client, you can contact your housing worker using the contact information below.

If you have a community mailbox with SNA, mailboxes have been moved to the MERC at 430 Langside. You can pick up your mail from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, Monday-Friday

Housing at SNA uses the housing first model and approaches the housing challenges with a holistic lens. Individuals are assisted in finding housing, keeping it, maintaining it, and becoming a part of the community. The task often entails working with or in the following areas: EIA advocacy, RTB rules and regulations, home improvement grants, mediation, safety, promoting new housing developments in the neighbourhood, employment programs, volunteer programs, rooming houses, bed bug remediation, health, connecting community to resource… and many others. It has been over ten years that the housing committee along with various community members have worked on housing projects in Spence! Click to see highlights with a brief description.

Our Team

Three staff work together to connect individuals to the resources they require for housing.

The Homeless Outreach Mentor assists individuals that are homeless by offering continuous support in finding a place to live until they feel they are ready to do it alone. Connections and networks are made around participants’ needs.

Homelessness Outreach Mentor: Jasmine Brine
Hours of Operation: 9:30 am-5:00 pm, Mon – Fri

Provides advice on:

  • Employment & Income Assistance (EIA)
  • Accessing emergency shelters
  • Food security: where and when to get meals
  • Systems navigation help, referrals to other supports and housing agencies
  • Continuing support for existing HOM clients

The Housing Coordinator provides support to all housing staff and ensures implementations of projects highlighted in the Housing Plan are done. The coordinator ensures that the connections between stakeholders are made and provides venues for the voices to be heard.

Housing Coordinator: Benjamin Simcoe

The Rental Safety Coordinator assists community members who are having issues with their landlords – and landlords who are having issues with their tenants. This mediator position ensures that all parties understand their rights and responsibilities and provides support with the goal of keeping people housed.

Rental Safety Coordinator: Vanessa Wiedeman
Hours of Operation: 9:30 am-4:30 pm, Mon – Fri

Provides advice on:

  • How things work for renters during COVID-19
  • Residential Tenancies Branch (RTB)
  • Working with your landlord
  • Hydro arrears
  • Bed bugs
  • Connect2 Voicemail system
  • Systems navigation help, referrals to other supports and housing agencies
  • Continuing support for existing Rental Safety clients

Home Improvement Assistance

The various financial opportunities to improve properties in the neighbourhood have proven to make a noticeable difference in the Spence community. As a result, the incentives leveraged additional improvements in housing stock and social investments.

Fix-Up Incentives Program

Rooming House Projects-Spence Neighbourhood

CCPA Report Rooming Houses to Rooming Homes:

IUS Report Winnipeg’s Vanishing Rooming Houses:

Rooming Houses to Rooming Homes Documentary:

Need assistance from us?

If you live in the Spence neighbourhood, we can help you with advice about your housing situation and systems navigation! If you live outside of the Spence neighbourhood, please check the Housing Supports Outside of Spence page for services in your area.

How to contact the Residential Tenancies Branch right now:

The RTB office is closed to non-essential walk-ins.

You can still get help if you have an *urgent* matter with your rental situation.
You must call or email to make an appointment.

Phone: 204-945-2476
Email: rtb@gov.mb.ca

Up-to-date information: https://www.gov.mb.ca/cca/rtb/

How to contact EIA right now:

EIA is currently discouraging walk-in visits. EIA is discouraging direct calls and emails with your worker; they may not respond to you.
For fastest service, contact the EIA call centre.

Phone: 204-948-2888 (7:00 am-7:00 pm, Mon – Fri)
Email: eia@gov.mb.ca

Up-to-date information: https://www.gov.mb.ca/fs/eia/

Common EIA Forms:

EIA Rental Form

EIA Direct Deposit Form

EIA Income Declaration Form

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