Futsal (Soccer)

group of youth playing futsal

Contact Information:

Towela Mkanda, RYT, Community Wellness Coordinator
Email: sport@spenceneighbourhood.org

Facebook:  Merc Sport


Futsal is a type of soccer that was developed in South America.  Futsal is a type of soccer that was developed that favors ball control and skill development.  This game can be played indoors or outdoors, and was originally designed to be played on a basketball court.  With fewer players on the field or court, youth who practice this form of soccer spend more time with the ball on their foot, which is why it is the ideal game for teaching the basics of soccer.

Futsal is run from May to August and is based out of the Axworthy Health and RecPlex which is located at the University of Winnipeg.  Please contact our Sports Coordinator at sports@spenceneighbourhood.org to register or to access more information, and consider attending our Community Committee Meeting to learn more about our programs for children and youth.


Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre (MERC) – 430 Langside Street – Winnipeg, Manitoba – R3B 2T5 (Program based out of Axworthy Health and RecPlex)

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