Community Committee Meeting

Our Community Committee Meetings give you the opportunity to have an active voice and help make decisions on how Spence Neighbourhood Association along with community members can improve the neighbourhood  and better meet its needs.

Community Committee Meetings are a great way to learn about the opportunities available for your family and other Spence residents. Also to give your valuable opinions about the work we are doing now and in the future. In fact, funders of our programs and future programs are more likely to back us when we have a significant amount of community members who are involved in the community. Your input is what drives new and existing programming. Your involvement can change a life for the better. Please consider joining us at our next meeting. You can make a difference in your community.

The Community Committee Meeting covers and reports on the five areas identified in the Community Five-Year Plan as focus points for Spence Neighbourhood Association and the community to address:

  • Community Connecting
  • Community Economic Development
  • Environment & Open Spaces
  • Housing
  • Youth & Family

Community Committee Meeting dates and times will be posted on our social media pages as well as on this website’s Community Hub Announcements.

Currently they are being hosted online.

Community Work is Heart Work!