Current Programming

Drop In Door Service

The community drop in door service is where community members can access harm reduction supplies for substance use, hot meals, hygiene, warm winter gear, menstrual products and other items.  Drop in door service also functions as a space where vulnerable community members can get various educational resources, supports and feel safe.

Ceremony is Harm Reduction

A sharing circle of traditional knowledge, healing, and medicines, led by matriarchs Raven Hart and Ivana Yellowback.  Inclusive, traditional healing without sobriety as a barrier.

Community Food Club

The Community Food Club is a series of free online cooking tutorials that capture the diverse cultures of Winnipeg’s central neighbourhoods.

The club provides a platform for community members to share their heritage and receive healthy meals in a safe and accessible way via zero contact delivery food kits.

Community Clinics

Central Neighbourhood hosts recurring community clinics where community members can meet up with nurses to ask any questions about their health, healthcare in general, get their vaccines, and other healthcare needs.

Community Work is Heart Work!