The Winnipeg Foundation – Thank You for the Young Parent Employment Program

Thank you so much to The Winnipeg Foundation!

With the Community grant we received Spence Neighbourhood Association was able to start up our new program called Young Parent Employment Program!

With YPEP we can now help young parents by giving them a place to work while also providing a daycare for their children to stay at. Both the parents and children are in the same building with up to 4 children per parent. The parents receive training in resume building, first aid, WHMIS, as well as other employment skill training. They also prepare packaged meals once a week for our WE24 program!

All three programs – Youth Crew, FJ4Y, and YPEP are transferable. This means you can freely transfer between programs to what best suits your schedule and circumstance. #parents #employment #daycare #children

We really appreciate being given this chance from The Winnipeg Foundation as the YPEP program will help immensely within the community!

Community Work is Heart Work!