Indigenous Teachings- Four Sacred Medicines­čî┐ 2/5

Indigenous Teachings- Four Sacred Medicines­čî┐ 2/5

The teaching on tobacco varies within Indigenous culture, it is the most common sacred medicine used in ceremonies.

The sacred medicine of tobacco must be offered to a ceremony conductors, knowledge keepers, knowledge carriers, drummers, pipe carriers, picking medicines, spirit plates and putting down tobacco to honor prayers to the great spirit world, our ancestors.

When the elders and traditional knowledge keepers smudge or smoke in their pipes with tobacco, they connect themselves to the great spirit and deliver messages. These messages we receive are to guide us through our journey, and get answers from prayers.

Indigenous people also use tobacco for; to set one’s intentions prior to foraging other traditional medicines and/or plants. When requesting help or advice from an elder, medicine person or healer; and to offer tobacco when asking for medicines or to receive a spirit name. Also, to express gratitude to the spirit world by delivering one’s message and intentions. #Indigenous #IndigenousTeachings

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