Our History

History of SNA

Spence Neighbourhood Association was incorporated in 1997 as a non-profit housing group formed by five volunteers who wanted to work together to improve the living conditions of the area. Those volunteers originally worked together to clean up one back lane, and then decided to renovate a house for a young family.

Next, they began to expand their activities and found funding through the Winnipeg Development Agreement for the Light Up Our Neighbourhood program, which provided dusk-to-dawn security lighting on houses in the area to improve safety. The Lighting project allowed volunteers to meet hundreds of residents in the area who received lights. This network allowed more ideas for projects to grow, more volunteers to help, and more energy to tackle further issues.

The organization continued to grow and take on more projects, and eventually was able to hire staff. In January 2000, the organization moved to Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre at 430 Langside Street, and activities continued to grow in the new community space. With this growth the organization made the shift to a representative community development group and developed a new constitution and elected a board from the neighbourhood.

Community Work is Heart Work!